Monday, August 24, 2015

Bay Area Dog Boarding: Four Tips for a Happy and Healthy Senior Dog

He has grown rather sluggish and less enthusiastic during play time. He prefers to laze around rather than mingle with other pets, and is becoming moodier and more disconnected as the weeks pass by. Then you realize, it’s been years since you’ve had him as a pup. Aging in dogs is sad but inevitable. Nevertheless, there are ways to delay the onset of aging symptoms and help maintain your dog’s quality of life even during his later years.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Entrusting Dogs with Separation Anxiety to Dog Boarding Facilities

Some dogs, very much like children, might feel anxious and stressed when you’re away, since they have grown accustomed to your presence at home and find it unbearable for you to be away for hours. Even dogs experience separation anxiety, and this happens when you either leave them alone in your home or bring them to a kennel before going on a vacation. Bringing your dog to a new environment causes enough stress for them, but dogs having separation anxiety may feel even more. To make things easier for your pooch, you can bring him to a cage-less dog boarding facility, along with some other options you can choose.