Monday, December 21, 2015

Dog Boarding Gives Your Dog a Pampered Retreat When Away from Home

When having to board their dog for any amount of time, all dog owners get a queasy feeling in their stomachs. Fear of being away from their beloved pet can make traveling a nightmare for some people. To help overcome this problem, it is helpful to establish a relationship with a daycare or a boarding facility that provides a home for your dog away from home. Where to Go? Cage-free facilities are often the best choice for dog boarding, especially if your pet dog loves to exercise and socialize. Many facilities everywhere are offering “cage-free” boarding to dogs whose owners have to go away for a while. Aside from spending the day walking around the facility, they get to socialize with the staff and other dogs all day long.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Three Factors to Consider When Evaluating a Dog Boarding Facility

While the Bay Area is the perfect place for a dog lover and their pooch to settle, there may come a time where you need to leave home and simply cannot bring your furry four-legged friend. You may have the option to leave your canine friend at home, but simply putting out food and water will not provide your family member with the companionship and consoling that they will need when you’re gone for long periods of time. By turning to a dog boarding service in the Bay Area, you can rest assured that your canine will be safe and happy while you’re away for business or pleasure.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Dog Boarding Prep: A Comprehensive Checklist for Your Canine Pal

As much as you love your dog, it’s not always possible to take furry family members along when traveling. When you have no choice but to opt for dog boarding in the San Francisco Bay Area, making the proper preparations helps to promote a more positive experience for your beloved pet. It also makes it easier for his caregivers to keep him happy and healthy in your absence. Here are some tips for you to remember:

Monday, August 24, 2015

Bay Area Dog Boarding: Four Tips for a Happy and Healthy Senior Dog

He has grown rather sluggish and less enthusiastic during play time. He prefers to laze around rather than mingle with other pets, and is becoming moodier and more disconnected as the weeks pass by. Then you realize, it’s been years since you’ve had him as a pup. Aging in dogs is sad but inevitable. Nevertheless, there are ways to delay the onset of aging symptoms and help maintain your dog’s quality of life even during his later years.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Entrusting Dogs with Separation Anxiety to Dog Boarding Facilities

Some dogs, very much like children, might feel anxious and stressed when you’re away, since they have grown accustomed to your presence at home and find it unbearable for you to be away for hours. Even dogs experience separation anxiety, and this happens when you either leave them alone in your home or bring them to a kennel before going on a vacation. Bringing your dog to a new environment causes enough stress for them, but dogs having separation anxiety may feel even more. To make things easier for your pooch, you can bring him to a cage-less dog boarding facility, along with some other options you can choose.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Puppy Bag Must-Haves for Your Pooch’s Stay at Dog Boarding Facilities

Excited for your summer vacation? If you’re still making a to-do list, then make finding a sitter for your pooch one of your top priorities. These days, you can find some of the best pet sitters at dog boarding facilities. You can put yourself at ease knowing that your canine friend is in good hands and that he’s going to have the time of his life even while you’re away. Sending your pooch to a dog boarding facility, however, also means having to pack a puppy bag filled with everything that can make his stay more comfortable.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Bay Area Dog Boarding Facilities Ensure Your Pet Has Its Own Vacation

When you’re planning to go on a vacation, there are a lot of things you have to worry about. You’ll have to consider who’s going to water your plants, check on your house, and most importantly, what to do with your pet dog. Thankfully, services that offer dog boarding for Bay Area residents are available to ensure that your beloved canine gets the best care possible while you’re away. Best of Available Options The big question that many dog owners have is, why dog boarding? Admittedly, there are other options available. First, there’s the option of bringing along your dog. However, bringing along a pet introduces a whole host of problems that can add headaches to your vacation. There’s the matter of the food and accommodations for your pet; some vacation spots aren’t all that animal-friendly. You’ll also have to be sure that your dog won’t get lost. Leashes and dog carriers can make easy travel difficult.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Dog Boarding in Bay Area: Questions to Ask Before Entrusting Your Pet

Tickets and passports are ready, and your bags are packed—it’s time for a vacation! Of course, no matter how happy or excited you get, there’s still a part of you that finds it hard to temporarily say goodbye to your canine buddy. After crossing out the possibility of traveling with your dog and you can’t seem to find suitable pet sitters, you finally decided to entrust him to a Bay Area dog boarding facility—but which one? Before making a final choice, you have to make sure that your beloved buddy will have a nice place to stay. Here are some questions you need to ask prior to confirming a reservation and bringing your pet in for boarding:

Monday, March 30, 2015

Bay Area Dog Boarding: Leaving your Dog Anxiety-Free in Safe Hands

With Bay Area dog boarding, dogs are properly cared for, and pet owners can feel assured that they have left their pets in safe hands. In these facilities like the 7.000 square feet of arena at the SF Hound Lounge, dogs can interact and play with other pets in a highly maintained and clean environment while trained caretakers provide the pets with enough of both socialization and play, as well as rest. Dog day care facilities have staffers with years of experience in accommodating different conditions and the special needs of dogs. For customers who must travel or be away, similar boarding services also offer overnight boarding where dogs are allowed to sleep inside lofts and socialize with the staff. Around 9,000 boarding facilities offer pet care services to pet owners across America and Canada. Boarding or day care centers differ from breeding and training kennels where the latter’s facilities are designed specifically to train hounds.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Bay Area Dog Boarding Services: Do Not Feed Human Food to Your Dogs

Dogs are some of the greatest companions you can ever have; after all, there is little else to want when these cute canines shower you with friendship, loyalty, and unconditional love in exchange for good food and a warm place to sleep. Owning them, however, is a huge responsibility. Among many other things, you’ll need to know how to groom them, how to spot warning signs that their health is in danger, and how to provide them sustenance with the right kinds of food. The latter is particularly important; feeding them something not meant for their digestive systems could result in illness or worse.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Bay Area Dog Boarding: Giving Your Adopted Rescue Dog Special Care

Every year, thousands of dogs suffer inhumane treatment from puppy mills, underground dog fighting syndicates, and dog meat trades. Wounds, infections, injury, and trauma are just some of the things that abusers inflict on them. Fortunately, many of the animals rescued from said conditions are resilient enough to beat the odds. It’s comforting that there are sympathetic organizations that look after their welfare, nurture them back to health, and find them new homes. Adopting a rescue dog is a heroic act because it’s giving a loving creature a new chance at life. However, since they have a history of abuse, they need special care before they can learn how to trust again.