Thursday, December 18, 2014

Bay Area Dog Boarding Pros: Watch the Way you Act Around your Dog

Trained professionals from local Bay Area dog boarding facilities like SF Hound Lounge know a way to bridge the gap between dogs and humans, but sadly, not a lot of people share their knowledge of how dog owners should really act around their furry friends. There are numerous things humans do that dogs actually hate, and they’re not likely to change anytime soon.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Bay Area Dog Boarding Facility Offers Your Dog a Happy Holiday, Too

“Whether it’s for the holidays, a vacation or an unexpected family emergency, every pet owner someday might need alternative care for their pets”, so writes author and columnist Cathy M. Rosenthal in an article for San Antonia Express-News. While your dog is very dear to you, you may not always bring him along during a vacation. Good thing there is a Bay Area dog boarding facility that can keep your dog safe and ensure he also has a happy holiday.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Consider Bay Area Dog Boarding During Your Travel This Holiday Season

Dog owners with pets deemed not fit to travel by the local vet may have to postpone their out-of-state travel plans and settle for local tours instead. After all, the Bay Area is abundant when it comes to attractions, including the Alcatraz Island and the Golden Gate Bridge. How about those who are set on traveling so they can spend quality time with their family and friends who are out of state? In this case, leaving their pets behind in the care of others, like a neighbor or a Bay Area dog boarding service, can be considered. There is an advantage in leaving an animal companion in the care of a neighbor, relative, or friend, financially speaking. In most cases, though, dog boarding in San Francisco Bay Area is the more sensible choice than obligating a family member or neighbor to agree to pet sitting duties.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Cage-Free Care: Better Alternative to Kennel Dog Boarding in Bay Area

Being left alone inside cages for a whole day can put significant physical and psychological stress on dogs. Their social nature makes isolation and confinement traumatic, and the results of the study confirmed the need to look for better accommodations to ensure the health and safety of canine pets while their owners are away. Fortunately, more and more day boarding centers are practicing cage-free boarding for pooches left in their care. These places provide services that reflect the standard of care that a dog’s own family would provide their pet. Bay Area dog boarding centers such as SF Hound Lounge, for instance, assure owners that dogs will receive constant companionship throughout their stay as they get to play and interact with the staff and other dogs in shared spaces.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Things to Consider Before Signing Up For Bay Area Dog Boarding Service

Another aspect to take into account is the kind of care your dog will receive. Find a boarding provider that has a friendly staff and a good reputation in handling animals. The facility must also be equipped with medicine and first aid kits in case your pet gets sick or injured; one good thing about top-tier boarding facilities is that they usually provide excellent medical care for dogs. In addition, your dog can get a lot of exercise depending on the walking schedule that the boarding staff will follow. One more thing to consider is the overall environment of the boarding facility. Your dog must be able to interact with other dogs to eliminate any risk of anxiety and depression. The staff must be capable of engaging the animals in healthy exercise and feeding them with healthy food. After all, your pet should at least feel at home while you’re away. Always remember to entrust your dog to the hands of expert animal caregivers. Contact your trusted San Francisco Bay Area dog boar

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Credible Dog Boarding in the Bay Area Helps Ease Separation Anxiety

Dog lovers in the Bay Area may relate to the writer’s thoughts. The region does offer a number of places where dogs can exercise while local dog awareness groups can teach you a thing or two about empathy for your friend. That said, you can shore up your pet before you temporarily put the animal up at Bay Area dog boarding facilities such as the SF Hound Lounge.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Bay Area Dog Boarding: A Good Option when You’re Going on Holiday

"Dog-boarding facilities like SF Hound Lounge offer competitive rates for long-term stays and the amenities to help your pet get along with staff and other pets alike. However, the shock of introducing your pet to a different environment may be too much too soon; you can arrange for daycare services to lessen the stress come departure time. It can be sad to leave your pet for other commitments. However, when you have people who know dog boarding in the Bay Area taking care of your dog, you’ll be able to face your journey without any qualms."

Monday, May 5, 2014

Caring and Trust: What to Look For in a Bay Area Dog Boarding Center

Trusted Bay Area dog boarding centers like the SF Hound Lounge prefer positive reinforcement. This can be simply defined as giving the dog what he wants: his favorite snacks and toys, rubbing his belly, patting his head, etc. In an environment such as this, a dog can feel secure and thus, not see the need for aggressive behavior.

Positive reinforcement is a rewards-based system, where the dog gets something he likes by doing what he is expected to do. While an excess of this can result to a dog getting spoiled, it is nonetheless the kind of caring you would want your beloved pet to have when you’re not around.

In choosing a San Francisco Bay area dog boarding center, therefore, it is best to go with one that adopts positive reinforcement. In such a facility, you can be sure your furry friend is in the hands of caring professionals who will look after your pet like he is their own.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bay Area Dog Boarding Helps Keep Pets Happy as Their Owners Have Fun

Of course, this talks about top-of-the-line facilities. However, the state of dog boarding in Bay Area establishments for pets is excellent as can be seen in such places like the SF Hound Lounge and others. Even so, a prospective dog boarder will probably have questions about leaving their pet with someone for awhile.

Dog owners can calm their fears by taking a tour of the facilities and asking a few questions to see if their dog will be happy staying there; questions on where the dog will stay and how much physical activity they will get are good starting points. Additional questions about hygiene and feeding can further assuage a dog owner’s worries. Most dog board facilities also screen the pets they take in by asking for initial visits to see how a dog reacts to the facility. After jumping through these hurdles, a dog owner can rest assured that their pet will be safe and happy while they are out on their trip.