Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Things to Consider Before Signing Up For Bay Area Dog Boarding Service

Another aspect to take into account is the kind of care your dog will receive. Find a boarding provider that has a friendly staff and a good reputation in handling animals. The facility must also be equipped with medicine and first aid kits in case your pet gets sick or injured; one good thing about top-tier boarding facilities is that they usually provide excellent medical care for dogs. In addition, your dog can get a lot of exercise depending on the walking schedule that the boarding staff will follow. One more thing to consider is the overall environment of the boarding facility. Your dog must be able to interact with other dogs to eliminate any risk of anxiety and depression. The staff must be capable of engaging the animals in healthy exercise and feeding them with healthy food. After all, your pet should at least feel at home while you’re away. Always remember to entrust your dog to the hands of expert animal caregivers. Contact your trusted San Francisco Bay Area dog boar

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