Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bay Area Dog Boarding Helps Keep Pets Happy as Their Owners Have Fun

Of course, this talks about top-of-the-line facilities. However, the state of dog boarding in Bay Area establishments for pets is excellent as can be seen in such places like the SF Hound Lounge and others. Even so, a prospective dog boarder will probably have questions about leaving their pet with someone for awhile.

Dog owners can calm their fears by taking a tour of the facilities and asking a few questions to see if their dog will be happy staying there; questions on where the dog will stay and how much physical activity they will get are good starting points. Additional questions about hygiene and feeding can further assuage a dog owner’s worries. Most dog board facilities also screen the pets they take in by asking for initial visits to see how a dog reacts to the facility. After jumping through these hurdles, a dog owner can rest assured that their pet will be safe and happy while they are out on their trip.


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