Monday, May 5, 2014

Caring and Trust: What to Look For in a Bay Area Dog Boarding Center

Trusted Bay Area dog boarding centers like the SF Hound Lounge prefer positive reinforcement. This can be simply defined as giving the dog what he wants: his favorite snacks and toys, rubbing his belly, patting his head, etc. In an environment such as this, a dog can feel secure and thus, not see the need for aggressive behavior.

Positive reinforcement is a rewards-based system, where the dog gets something he likes by doing what he is expected to do. While an excess of this can result to a dog getting spoiled, it is nonetheless the kind of caring you would want your beloved pet to have when you’re not around.

In choosing a San Francisco Bay area dog boarding center, therefore, it is best to go with one that adopts positive reinforcement. In such a facility, you can be sure your furry friend is in the hands of caring professionals who will look after your pet like he is their own.

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